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Microschools empowering kids to create their future

“We love our Anchor Microschool! Our children are able to take control over elements of their learning in a supportive environment that allows them to explore their interests. The learning model provides flexible scaffolding to encourage our kids to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zone where real learning can happen. By developing themselves academically, socially, physically, and spiritually, they are becoming happy, healthy, and well-rounded individuals.”

Tom - Parent

"I like everything about Anchor Microschools because I have friends that are there, the teachers are nice, and I get to choose what I learn about."

Kian - Student

"I love teaching with Anchor Microschools. It is a privilege to see children grow and learn together. It is my hope that in our small setting that we not only learn the basics skills of a classroom but that we also learn to work together with kindness and consideration."

Mrs. Halley - Teacher

Education Based on the Whole Well Being

At Anchor Microschools, we create personal goals to progress in not only reading, writing, and math. 

We also create goals in areas of physical, social, spiritual, and intellectual development.

At Anchor Microschools, we serve children in grades K-8. We provide a unique individualized education for each student. Each Microschool has small class sizes with a ratio of up to 10:1. Our Microschools are based in a homelike environment.

Caring Learning Environment

Each of Us are Creators

At Anchor Microschools, we believe each of us are creators. As we teach kids how to create, they are empowered to create a bright future.

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