Anchor Microschools Teachers

Meet Ms. Natalie

Ms. Natalie is the founder of Anchor Microschools. She has been teaching children for the past 18 years. She began as a public school teacher then decided to homeschool her own children and now is a Microschool Teacher. She loves empowering her students by guiding them in their creation of their own goals. She is the mother of seven children. As a family, they love to go to the Salt River to paddleboard.

Maricopa, AZ (4th-8th Teacher)

Meet Ms. Halley

Ms. Halley is well versed in equal parts structure and fun, as one of seven children and a mother of four. She believes that both of these qualities are essential to a successful learning environment. Through her experiences as a nanny, homeschooling, and teaching both children and adults within her church responsibilities, she has grown a love for teaching.

Maricopa, AZ (2nd-5th Teacher)

Meet Ms. Jessica

Ms. Jessica is a Troy University Honor graduate with 5 years of experience working in Television, Marketing and Business Administration. She has 2 years of one-on-one tutoring experience as well as teaching various ages in Sunday School at church. She also spent a year and a half teaching in Spain in the Spanish Language. She has two young boys whose thirst for learning inspired her to look for alternatives to public schooling which led her to Anchor Microschools. She also loves to makeover furniture and frequently saves items from ending up in the bulk trash.

Glendale, AZ (3rd-5th Teacher)

Meet Ms. Kaitlyn

Ms. Kaitlyn believes learning should be fun and filled with creativity and movement. She grew up in a large family of 13 kids with lots of opportunities to teach and learn. She became a passionate Water Polo player as a child. She spent 12 years focused on teaching in various roles of lifeguarding and coaching Water Polo. When Ms. Kaitlyn started having her own kids, she shifted into teaching group fitness classes and eventually coaching recreational sports. Within her family, she recognized symptoms of dyslexia in her oldest child. She knew she wanted to find a more hands on and personal learning environment which led their family to microschooling.  Ms. Kaitlyn hopes to share with kids that learning doesn't stop when you become an adult and that when things don't go according to our plans we can pivot and make the most of it.

Maricopa, AZ (Kinder-2nd Teacher)

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"I love teaching with Anchor Microschools. It is a privilege to see children grow and learn together. It is my hope that in our small setting that we not only learn the basics skills of a classroom but that we also learn to work together with kindness and consideration."

-Mrs. Halley Whitney

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