Anchor Microschools Teachers

Meet Mrs. Natalie & Mrs. Chelsea

Mrs. Natalie is the founder of Anchor Microschools. She has been teaching for the past 18 years as a public school teacher, homeschool mom, and now a Microschool Teacher. She loves empowering her students by guiding them in their creation of their own goals.

Mrs. Chelsea is a certified Paraprofessional. She specializes in helping students with special needs. Her bubbly personality and ingenuity is the perfect support for students as they journey on their learning path.

Maricopa, AZ

Meet Mrs. Halley

Mrs. Halley is well versed in equal parts structure and fun, as one of seven children and a mother of four. She believes that both of these qualities are essential to a successful learning environment. Through her experiences as a nanny, homeschooling, and teaching both children and adults within her church responsibilities, she has grown a love for teaching.

Maricopa, AZ

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"I love teaching with Anchor Microschools. It is a privilege to see children grow and learn together. It is my hope that in our small setting that we not only learn the basics skills of a classroom but that we also learn to work together with kindness and consideration."

-Mrs. Halley Whitney

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