What Makes Anchor Microschools Unique?

We Empower Learners to Take Charge of their Learning not only Academically but also Physically, Socially, and Spiritually



We provide personalized education for K-8 students. Math and Language Arts are learned through our online resources at the student’s own pace. Along with group/class projects based in Science, History, and Social Studies.

Student Created Goals

At Anchor Microschools, students create goals, called Anchor Goals, that are based on areas of growth in their physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual development. With these projects, students experience the cycle of learning from planning to developing to executing their ideas. It is incredible to witness what children can create!

Social Anchor Goals

“I wrote and performed a skit with my class to strengthen our friendship.”

“I created toys for my siblings to play with them.”

“I created a dog sitting business to work with other people.”

Intellectual Anchor Goals

“I made a solar oven to be a scientist.”

“I made a stuffed dog to learn how to sew.”

“I made brownies from scratch to learn to bake.”

Spiritual Anchor Goals

“I made a gratitude jar to feel more peace.”

“I painted pictures of Jesus to learn more about Him.”

“I made nature art to feel calm.”

Physical Anchor Goals

“I set a new personal record on the pogo stick to strengthen my body.”

“I made a healthy dessert to be healthy.”

“I did yoga to feel strong.”

Planning and Time Management

At Anchor Microschools, students use the Anchor Planner to learn the skills of time management, goal setting, and goal reflection.

Field Trips

We love to get out and explore the world around us. The best way to do that is through Field Trips.

We loved to explore the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, to see amazing natural creations at Kartchner Caverns, and to explore Schnepf Farms!

We go on at least four field trips a school year.

Learning through experience is the best way to learn!

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